Gun Control on Its Way

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Gun Control on its Way
Paul Waldman’s “Gun control fight just beginning” appeared in the CNN news website in April 19, 2013. In this argument, Waldman aims to inform his audience about the terms of the gun control debate. The argument that he is counteracting is that people are using their ethos to give credibility to their scare tactics. This dominates the argument through pathos (lies) to completely override all example of logic to keep any gun control legislation from passing. Waldman is effective using logos to show and prove that the fight on gun control is truly just beginning. That if proponents stick with it we will be seeing some gun control laws put into affect.

Waldman points out “outsized power goes to the small, rural states with strong support for unlimited gun rights. The 57 million American who live in California and New York get four votes in the Senate, all of which were in favor of background checks.” With this Waldman is using logos to explain how even though larger states out number smaller states, population wise, there are more smaller states so their votes out weigh the larger states. Meaning that if California and New York both vote one way with their own votes, five small states with their votes cancel out their votes and then some. “ More Americans voted Democrats than Republicans in the 2012 House elections, but Republicans enjoy a 31-seat advantage, meaning there leader controls the agenda and can kill any bill he and his caucus dislikes” (Waldman) stated. Here Waldman is once again using logos to point out that even if there was a gun control bill that passed the Senate. That it would not have a chance in passing the House, because it would get shut down on a count of the House being favored Republican.

In paragraph six, Waldman questions the ethos of the NRA (National Rifle Association), “So does this mean the NRA still inspires the same fear it long has among lawmakers?” stated (Waldman). After stating this Waldman continues...
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