Gun Control in America

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11,127 is the number of Americans killed in the United States last year with a gun. 381 is the number of Germans killed with a gun, which is the closest statistic country to the U.S. Why is there so much gun violence in the U.S? What is so different in the U.S. that gun crime is so prevalent? What can we do to change it? All questions Bowling for Columbine poses in the film documentary by Michael Moore. Like the documentary, there is not one simple answer and there are no easy solutions.

Viewing this film for the first time, I learned how appalling gun violence is in the United States. I had no idea how simple it was to purchase a gun. I also learned about how the U.S. trained Osama Bin Laden and all the weapons that we gave to other countries that we are not fighting against. I also learned about reasons why people think the Columbine shootings occurred. The film presents some theories about gun violence but does not give us an answer. In my opinion, I feel the film was meant to make us aware of gun violence and to inform us of things that may contribute to gun violence but I think it is up to us as a society to do something about it.

Why is gun violence so widespread in the United States? Theories have been made and fingers have been pointed, but I feel that there is neither a single reason nor a simple solution that can make gun crime go away. It is not the our history that makes us so violent, although many would like to think it is, other countries have violent histories and still they are not killing each other the way we are. Many would argue that slavery and the genocide of Native Americans is what makes us so violent. As horrible as those things are, other countries have violent pasts as well; Germany and the holocaust, but they are not killing each other with guns like the U.S. In the U.S. we have the poorest society, highest crime rate, and highest divorce rate, above any other country. The divorce rate is at 54%, which is over half...
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