Gun Control in America

Topics: Firearm, Crime, Gun violence in the United States Pages: 5 (1423 words) Published: May 23, 2013
This is my view on Gun control in America for anyone that cares to read it.

Americans have a deep distrust of government; call it genetic makeup if you like.

Never have I been so incensed or driven on a topic like Gun control within the USA.

I am not a prolific tweeter, troller, activist,pain in the arse, but a happy Mother of two children living in a quaint town in the West Country UK.

‘Naïve’ I hear you calling. ‘No REAL world experience’ I hear you say. Yes, you would be right in assuming those things. I haven’t had to deal with horrible and soul destroying things that many Americans have had to deal with, whether that be in history or today. I did however live in Nigeria for three years back in the eighties, and witnessed terrifying things involving guns, knives, coos and corruption.

So I start very simply by saying, If you are willing to fight for your second amendment, allow me the decency to use your first! This little voice from the depths of the English countryside has a right (albeit from across the pond) to air her views. This should not be classed as an inflammatory or extraneous, (otherwise known as trolling) neither should it be classed as an attack on any Organisation, Government, political party or individual. If you disagree, you are more than welcome to stop reading now.

I have taken the time to research all statistics, from the UK, USA and other countries, including the FBI, The US Department of Justice and the UK Home Office, involving gun crime, violent crime, murders, manslaughter, accidental deaths and suicide rates.

I have taken the time to watch videos posted by both pro gun and anti gun lobbyists. I have also watched American news channels when recent incidents have happened.

I have taken the time to read many differing views, whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or News reports.

I have taken the time to personally listen to people’s opinions, both from the UK and USA.

Now I’m going to say something that will most probably shock you. Even after reading, collating and surmising all those facts, I still don’t know the difference between a hand gun and an assault rifle, apart of course from their physical shape.

The plain truth is that I personally really don’t care how many bullets a gun holds, or how rapid they fire.

What I do care about however, are the innocent lives that are stolen directly due to the misuse of these weapons. Now I hear you saying ‘Guns don’t kill, people do’… Agree. Humans, especially those of an unstable mental nature tend to use whatever they come across to commit their crimes. Sometimes, even a perfectly ‘normal’ ‘socially acceptable’ person will commit such a heinous crime as murder. For the latter we cannot ever stop these people from using guns/knives/bombs/cars etc as their choice of weapon. This is an unfortunate trait of our human race and society as it is today, no matter where you are in the world. Ask yourself this though, If guns were made illegal, the criminals will probably still have them yes, just like any unlawful drug or action we would expect from such people, but it would make it more difficult to get them. If guns were made illegal, the accessibility for those mentally unstable would be greatly diminished. How about if we try to tackle the situation in the first instance? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to target these people and sort the law abiding citizens from the rubbish once and for all? Then we wouldn’t have these arguments about guessing who is going to use their gun lawfully? We do have to take into consideration those that hold guns legally and yes you may feel like your losing a limb. You may also feel like you will surrender your rights and your safety. Surely, if you can make the world or your country a better place you would do it?

This is where I say that I am so ashamed of my own country for the violent crime rates it produces. I was in fact appalled by the statistics that it questioned my choices...
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