Gun Control Essay

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Gun Control
CJ Laurenty
Mason High School

There is no reason that the current gun control laws need to be reviewed. The citizen’s guns are the last thing that the government needs to be worrying about. There are plenty of other, more important, things that should be occupying their time. For example the national debt which is over sixteen trillion dollars. The debt is going to be an ongoing thing that will never go down unless we do something about it. The current state of our country is depleting and gun violence will subside with the reduction of the stress causeries of our state/government. We need our guns as law abiding citizens for protection when no one is around. If the government tries to proceed to take away our right to bear arms an enormous, bustling black market will develop, that is inevitable. Lastly the country is hurting for jobs in our day and age, our economy is falling out. There is over 130,000 licensed gun dealers in the U.S and by taking away our right, you are taking away all of the jobs in the firearms business. The current state of gun control is easily regulated the way it stands; no need for change. With the government trying to take away all of the guns from our citizens, it will just cause a huge uprising in the number of black markets selling guns illegally. Currently there are already a pretty heavy number of black markets selling guns. It is hard to say how many black markets there really are because every day there are new ones opening and old ones closing. All of this selling is behind the governments back and is unregulated in price and age. All of the selling of guns; to the black marketers at least, is a pretty intense thing, these criminals take their time, inventory, and guns seriously. Any type of gun that you are looking to put into your arsenal can; nine times out of ten, be located on the black market. This is a serious business to them, so when someone tries to get into the middle of them and selling guns...
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