Gun Control and Violence

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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"Guns don't kill people, people kill people," is an expression often quoted by those who support the right to freely carry firearms. For many years, organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) have pointed to the high rate of gun violence in the United States and compared it with the low rates in Europe; this comparison was done in order to stress their point that gun violence is a cultural/societal problem that should not impede anyone's right to own firearms. Those who advocate gun control, and oppose the NRA, point to the United States' high level of gun ownership (as compared to other countries) as one of the leading reasons for the increase in the amounts of murders and violence associated with guns. They also point to the easy accessibility of guns in America as one of the major causes of the high level of gun violence. It is non-sense to think establishing laws will solve the problem. Has the government given an appropriate amount of thought into why, how, or what establishing a gun law will affect. The government has been pondering a solution to the drastic increases in gun related violence for quite some time. They have inevitably come to the conclusions that if they were to restrict the right to freely carry firearms, that it would reduce the quantity of guns being misused. However this type of solution will only yield contrary results. Without first realizing and analyzing the problem at hand one cannot even begin to solve it. In this situation the problem is an increase in crimes involving the use of firearms. At this time the government has already formulated their own theory. And have deduced that the easy accessibility of guns in America is one of the major causes of the high level of gun violence. This is no doubt the wrong way to handle his crisis, but it can be persuasive. Sadly our government has a narrow-minded way of deciding the futures of its people. Its fails to notice the problem people face every single day is actually...
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