Gun Control and Mental Illness

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The question of Gun control is in the news. The subject comes up with each election along with the latest tragedy statistics. Both sides of the debate throw explicit words towards the other, it all turns into an argument and there seems to never be any agreement. It's very disparaging to me to see the innocent lives of children taken and for a defense gun owners hide behind what amounts to a 400 year old scrap of paper which is neither relevant to modern day problems or understood the same way by any two people reading from it. It really goes to show the poor quality of the generation of people we are in. An example would be, they play the same Christmas songs from 300 years ago and half of them have never seen a sleigh bell or ate a cooked chestnut from an open fire! Basically they are teaching children that certain lies are okay to retell, like taking away the credit from the parent that worked and bought the gifts and giving the credit to an imaginary burglar that breaks into homes wearing red clothes to place gifts under the tree, the whole concept is ridiculous! They have no original ideas of their own! My point being, there needs to be an official scrapping of the old and creation of new law and order that matches real world problems. Simple things like rifling gun barrels for easy identification and inscribing the owners name or number to each firearm to be placed in the persons file. Each person should have a file from birth of everything relevant to being a part of a co-op society, work history and crime records, allowing ones judgment to be personalized instead of generalized. Freedom to bear arms would then become discretionary, as opposed to waiting three days and walking out with an AK-47 with a three hundred shot banana clip to hunt squirrels with. The new laws will have to be about more than simply making guns harder to purchase but also to police the actions of the people who own them. With freedom comes the need for responsibility. People are...
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