Gun Control and Gun Violence Among Children

Topics: Firearm, Handgun, Gun Control Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: January 17, 2012
NAME: Clara Lawson
COURSE:PHI 105 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
DATE: January 12, 2012
INSTRUCTOR: DR. Scott Hovater
GUN CONTROL & GUN VIOLENCE in CHILDREN To start my essay off, I have an unusual story that is true. My mom knew a girl when she was little. The girl was around the age of 2-4 years old. She got a hold of the gun her family had in the home and shot her older sibling. Then when she was in the eighth grade, her little brother got a hold of the same gun that her family had and killed her. It proves my point on why children should not have guns and children in the home. I feel that children should not be able to get a hold of guns. They are just too precious and innocent, and they don't have to die because of our stupidity of wanting to have guns. I know that kids can get guns on the streets to go and shoot up their school. There should be a way that we can put a stop to them doing that. We, the parents, who really have to work together and putting a stop to our children being able to get guns. And one way is the parents to stop having guns in the home. There are high statistic deaths in children involving guns. There is an estimated 1.2 million elementary school-aged children come home to a house with a gun and no parent. There were 101 preschoolers who lost their lives to firearms (homicides AND accidents) in 1994. U.S. Children are 12 times more likely to die by gunfire than children in 25 other industrialized countries combined. Moms Against Guns Profile Sheet view the Philadelphia Inquirer's interactive map showing occurrences of gun homicides and gun violence in the city. Pennsylvannia ranks #6 in the nation for handgun homicides involving children. There is an estimated 87.9% of Americans support “child-proofing” firearms. More preschoolers from die from guns in 1994 than police officers in the line of duty. NASRO is concerned that 24-72 hours is not an adequate amount of time for law...
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