Gun Control: about gun ownership & laws that should restrict it

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  • Published: July 10, 2004
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Trinity Rhein

English 1

Trigger happy

In the United States there needs to be a law that restricts gun ownership or any other weapon from everyday law abiding citizens. When the subject of gun control is addressed many questions are raised, such as who should be allowed to own guns? And in what circumstance should guns be allowed? Many would like to ban guns completely, but that is unnecessary, instead higher limitations should be made. Some feel when purchasing a gun they are investing in something that will keep them out of harm and may save their lives one day, not even considering the many mishaps that guns cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. There is so much violence in the world; at any moment life can be over. During the elections gun control is a main issue. Politicians claim they will due everything in their power to stop the violence, the first step would be to set higher limitations on gun control.

Gun control is an issue that affects the whole world. Knowing that at any moment life could be over. In the article Memories Linger by Mitch Albam he wrote, "I went to a Southfeild dry cleaners to pick up a jacket. I saw no one in the store except a customer at the counter. He had his back turned to me. I asked whether anyone was working and he turned around and pointed a gun to my face. He was robbing the place. He told me to get in the closet, or he'd shoot me dead right there." That was the most horrific situations he had ever faced. Then shortly after the incident he realized he was thankful, that the last thing he wouldn't see was the barrel of a gun. Death caused by violence not only effects friends and family of the loved one that passed, but society as a whole. It is a shame that so many people in the world do not respect the lives of others and feel no shame when taking it away.

It is believed that the number one protection is a gun; nevertheless it is also the number one cause of accidental death. For those of us old fashion...
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