Gun Control

Topics: Firearm, Handgun, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 5 (1549 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Scott Dolan
English CP-10-B
Mrs. Jones
Gun Control Debate
“From my cold dead hands” (Charlton Heston). Charlton made a speech to the people who are opposed to gun control especially me. The government is trying to take away guns because they believe that it will be more safe with gun control than without. To me that is a lie, the NRA is trying to tell everyone in the US that gun control produces more crime than there was without or with little gun control. According to the polls 67% of people own guns for protection and most of those with guns are used in states with less gun control. Most guns that are classified in three different classes but also within each class they have a sub class and they are handguns, rifles, and semi-automatic. Handguns are pistols and other small one shot per pull, also handguns are pistols, and revolvers. Rifles are one shot per pull or fully-automatic and have a medium magazine, rifles consist of sniper rifles, LMG (large machinegun), and SMG (small machinegun). The final classification is shotguns, and shotguns consist of a one shot pump and some are sawed off shotguns which are illegal and can end up in jail for possession. Both shotguns and rifles are considered “long guns” because they have a long barrel. Although background checks are necessary, the United States Government should not support gun control because the Second Amendment guarantees a certain right, existing laws incorrectly classify guns, and magazines sizes are limited.
Even though I am against gun control, the government should still have some background checks to keep some criminals without guns. With background checks people with a criminal record should not be able to buy or have guns in their possession and in their homes. In California, with the strictest gun control laws, has background checks for all gun transactions, but the police in California do not take away the guns once someone goes to prison they let them keep them. I think that is preposterous because once someone goes to jail and then gets released they are more likely to end up back in jail due to firearms or drugs. According to Reid K. Smith, 300 out of 300 million people own guns in the US. 100 million of those 300 were handguns. The amount of background checks for those were most likely used with a proper background. In 2008 there were 96 million background checks 681,000 people or 1% were denied guns due to their criminal history or mental history. If you did not buy a gun, you can go to jail for receiving, possessing or transporting firearms and ammunition the sentence of this federal illegal transaction can be as long as ten years. It is also illegal to engage in illegal importing. Because of the high amount of people owning guns the lowest age to own or possess a firearm depends on the state but like most licenses you have to be 18 and you can get it at a lower age if you have a parents condolence. Most crimes are committed with a firearm, in the year 2008 alone there were 16,272 people were murdered 67% of that with firearms. In 1992, 800,000 people were manslaughter because back in 1972 the US government put a handgun and trigger-lock ban and because of that the death rate went up. The reason I want there to be background checks because of the death rate. The second Amendment is another reason why I am against gun control because the government is trying to take away our guns and the country will go into chaos.
The government is taking this gun control act too far by taking guns away from us. In the US Bill of Rights the second Amendment states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Our founding fathers signed this bill and wanted us to protect ourselves by owning firearms. But the government since 1975 wants the...
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