Gun Control

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Gun Control

The topic of gun control has always been a hot topic in many debates no matter the political party, race, or place of residence. With the all too recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, gun control has boiled to the surface once again. Fierce competition has arisen from both sides but to not much avail. In order for one to argue about gun control, and for any argument for that matter, they must become educated on the topic and study the proposed laws before ultimately deciding on what decision is the right one. What many politicians and other uneducated people have failed to realize is that these gun control laws don’t help prevent tragedies, rather all they do is make it harder to purchase firearms for law abiding citizens who go through already rigorous restrictions and requirements when trying to purchase a firearm. Gun control is not the solution, attacking the base of the problem, the people doing the crimes.

The spark that lit the new fire to gun control was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut. This even took the United States by horror on December 14th 2012. The story goes that a 20 year old Adam Lanza, who had a severe sect of Autism known as Asperger’s, walked into his previous elementary school armed with an assault rifle with high round magazines, several handguns, and a vest loaded with spare magazines where he began his hellish slaughter of innocents, women and children alike… People demanded change and not a single person disagrees that change should happen, the way of obtaining change, obtaining a safer community, is a very different picture. On one side, the side that proposes heavier gun control says that if there were fewer guns, Lanza wouldn’t have had access to guns. On the other side, the side that is anti-gun control, says that if there had been more guns on people and in the area Lanza would have been too frightened to go and commit this horrible acts and even if he had begun,...
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