Gun Control

Topics: New Jersey, Gun politics in the United States, Police Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Working Outline for the Argumentative Paper
Topic: Gun Control
Topic Question: Does the U.S. need more gun control laws?
Introductory Paragraph
* What do I need to say to set up my thesis? (Do you need background information? Definitions? Explanations?) * Thesis Statement: So many citizens think more gun control laws are necessary, while other citizens think they should have the freedom to legally protect themselves. So what are the government or state laws to do? * Three Controls:

1. A ban on assault weapons and a ban on high-capacity gun magazines all failed to get the 60 votes needed under an agreement between both Republican and democratic parties. 2. Faced with a decision either to remove substantial new gun restrictions from the bill or to allow it to fall to a filibuster next week, Senate leaders plan to put it on hold after a scattering of votes Thursday. 3. Even a bipartisan amendment to impose stiff penalties on gun traffickers, which was supported by the N.R.A. and expected to be adopted by voice vote, instead was defeated, receiving 58 votes, as the partisan lines hardened. “Said Jonathan Weisman, the New York Times Article”

Control 1
A) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says” he believes the government has the right to “demand more” from law-abiding citizens, but acknowledges it can’t do the same to criminals.” B) According to the Brady Campaign, he states that “New Jersey already has the second-most extensive set of gun control laws, after California.” C) Research states that New Jersey already requires gun buyers to have a permit to purchase. To obtain one, prospective buyers must visit the local police station. Control 2:

A) O’Reilly declared that “no law is going to stop crazy people from committing mass murder.” B) Bob Beckel argued that “background checks would work because all illegally-purchased guns had to be purchased legally at some point.” C) O’Reilly said they are...
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