Gun Control

Topics: United States Constitution, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, Firearm Pages: 5 (2044 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In recent news, there has been at least three shootings in the past three months of 2013. This has raised some questions, the main question being Are Guns Really the Problem? Many people feel that this is a direct violation of our Second Amendment right to “Bear Arm” written by the founders of the United States Constitution in 1787. Still others will argue that because of the lack of restrictions on guns many people have died and this injustice needs to change. I am a gun owner and have never murdered anyone by way of a firearm therefore I feel compelled to agree that the guns are not the problem. I feel that the real root of the problem is embedded in the social problems in our nation’s society today.

The Second Amendment states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” So where in that does it say that any president and or member of congress have the right to infringe on this law? Our fathers before us had no way of knowing what kinds of weapons we might produce in the future, I mean a bolt action rifle would have been a big deal to them but that does not change the fact that it is still a weapon and is protected under the constitution; never the less president Obama has tried to pass laws to ban guns, after that failed he tried to restrict them by reducing the amount of bullets a weapon can hold to ten bullets. President Obama has succeeded in doing this in some states even with knowing that the definition of a militia is a military force of civilians to supplement a regular army in an emergency and that it is our right to bear arms, regardless of whether or not a person choses to exercise this right. Many Sheriffs in Colorado have take this same position and have chose to speak out against banning weapons by arguing that more gun restrictions do not lower crime rate, as they have seen over the past few month when all these gun laws in Colorado were passed to now and El Paso Sheriff Terry Maketa has also seen these same results and they both believe that semi-automatic weapons shouldn’t be banned. I too must refute the banning of semi-automatic weapons because just like a pistol and a shotgun they take a conscious act of pulling the trigger in order for each bullet to be fired and in that regard how are they any different a shotgun actually does more damage to a person if shot than a Ar-15 or Ak-47 would do.

Our nation has seen more occurrences of violence as a result of a person with a gun in a close proximity than ever before in our nations history. We could examine shootings like the tragic shooting in Newtown Connecticut, the death of three Marines at Marine Base Quantico Virginia, and the Shooting in Herkimer New York and many others. We will indefinitely find that the route of the problem was a social issue rather than a person just saying today is a good day to go get a gun and shoot as many people as I can, with that being said I think the real problem at hand is how can we prevent a person from getting to a point where he/she would even consider doing something like this? To help with some of these feelings of our nation not being safe many gun owners feel that the instatement of background checks in order to purchase a gun is a good thing, they are only afraid that if this law is passed it will lead to more restrictions on guns and possibly the overall banning of them. The NRA is even trying to counter Obamas laws, while still trying to reconcile by releasing a report called the National School Shield to support their position that more guns in the right hands, rather than tougher guns laws is the best way to confront gun violence. The NRA wants to arm trained school faculty to combat shootings in the school. This seems like a better option than to banning a persons right to protect themselves, because if laws such as this had been made then an honest law abiding citizen can’t carry a gun; but what...
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