Gun Control

Topics: Gun Control, Weapon, Domestic violence Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: April 18, 2013
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Sharon Evans
Effective Essay Writing
February 21, 2013
Professor Tiffany Brown

Gun Control

Gun control is a huge issue in our country at this time. There has been much violence involving guns, and it has put the public society on high alert to rethink the standards and laws concerning guns and what types of guns are out there [This is a slang term; avoid slang and informal English in academic writing. It could be confusing in an international business communication] . Violence involving guns is a major concern, therefore rethinking the laws without violating the rights of the 2nd Amendment is a must for the public. President Obama is trying to pass more intense laws for gun control, but seems to be going overboard with it , [Punctuation: Avoid leaving a space before a comma] as it violates the 2nd Amendment rights of the people. He has presented the laws to Congress, but they have shot down the ideas, even though trying to come up with an agreeable term for these laws. Obama has spoke [The past participle is "spoken"] out on many occasions about why he wants to enforce these laws. He has many supporters that agree with him. There are still those that feel while passing some tougher laws is okay [Avoid using forms of "okay" in academic writing.] , what these laws might do in the process will violate the rights of many. The people that do not support him feel that...
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