Gun Control

Topics: Love, Emotion, Hatred Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Brad Perry
Professor Hyde
13 March 2013
Love and Hate
Two of the most common emotions of people around the world are love and hate. It’s about time somebody compares the two and contrasts the two and that someone is me. Love is something that us people see everyday around us going on in the world. Hate is also another thing that many people see going on around the world and it should not be happening. Comparing and contrasting love to hate should be an easy task because these are just the two most common things in everyday life for the average human. It is said that opposites attract but tell me this do these two opposites attract love and hate? When a person feels loved they know it because the feeling of love is just simply amazing. If you are feeling love you can feel like deep down in your heart like a warm tingly feeling that just feels right and that’s how you know what love is or when love is happening. To love someone all you have to do is show that person that you care about them it doesn’t matter about how much money you spend or what material things you have love is love for itself you just feel it deep down inside. Sometimes the littlest things the smallest actions mean the most more than gifts, more than kisses and cuddles, it just shows that the person cares for you when they don’t show that they do. For example like when if I see that my mom is tired and she doesn’t want to do laundry for all the kids and I just go ahead and do it myself it shows her that I love her and that I care for her. When I loved someone, I think I’d know by the way I can never seem to look in her eyes. If it’s someone that I love and I am angry with them instead of just arguing with them I can’t do that I just look away and forget about what we just did and try to fix it by talking with her nice and calm. When you’re in love with someone you are just thinking about that special someone all the time they usually never leave your mind. Love is just one of...
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