Gun Control

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Gun Control and Gun Control on University Campuses
The controversies of gun control have been with us ever since we have earned the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights that was attached to our constitution. As times going on many would say that we no longer need this "inalienable" right, that these guns that we are putting into the hands of private citizens are doing more harm than good. Most also believe that because times are changing, that eventually we will not need this right to bear arms anymore, and personally I believe this right should never be taken away from us. Many also believe that gun control is giving somebody to much freedom to defend themselves; they’re given the right to take another life if theirs is threatened, and that makes other citizens uneasy. Of course this is where proper training and use of the weapon comes into play, which we will get into later in this paper, but in our current society where everything is needing to be politically correct for the few that are offended, ignorant masses are gaining more power and ideas are growing wilder. When it comes to college campuses, the last place guns should be, no one wants to allow licensed gun carriers on them, but when shootings occur and no one is armed, lives are lost and the push moves further for tighter gun control laws because of grief. This paper will dive into the aspects of gun control laws and why policy might need to be evolved for our particular time and age, but not completely removed.

In times of war, which the United States was burdened with heavily during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, guns were a necessity. This was a big factor in the unanimous decision to allow guns to be owned by citizens. Weather you thought they were violent and not wanted at all they were still needed. If soldiers were shooting about in your back yard, and you didn’t have any means to defend yourself and your family you were in quite a bit of trouble. Of course this was a time when war was all over the United States and her citizens, and this was seen by all as quite a necessity, for everyone to be able to protect themselves. This right was bestowed upon us by the Bill of Rights, a piece of paper attached to our constitution, the very entity that tells us what’s legal and what’s illegal, the very structure of our government. This piece of paper was drafted to grant certain rights to citizens that cannot be take away from us. Our founders wanted to make sure we had these guaranteed tools so we could protect ourselves and to flourish to succeed and to survive. Of course times change as years pass, but this does not mean we need to abolish this right all together. Mass shootings in heavily populated areas such as the movies theaters, churches and schools occur when someone who is clearly not mentally stable has acted out of rage or insanity. Usually when someone plans for mass destruction like this, they prepare and load themselves up to the gills with heavy artillery like such equipment that soldiers use. These weapons such as assault rifles, gas grenades etc. as President Barak Obama said after the mass soothing in a Colorado movie theater this past summer, “…belong in the hands of soldiers, not private citizens…” Today the Right to Bear Arms as seen as an extreme movement that only hunters and radicals are interested in. This is false. Like mentioned before, many see no need for it anymore. A fact that most seem to ignore is that our national security is going to be put at great risk if this right is lost. A weapon such as a firearm allows for the ultimate protection of someone and their belongings and their families. I believe I don’t need to prove to anyone that the average police officers response to a 911 call in the United States is about twenty-two minutes of waiting. The response of a .38 special revolver can help you at seven hundred and eight feet per second (about four hundred and eighty three miles...
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