Gun Control

Topics: Color, Abuse, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Name: Gurwinder Singh Brar
Assignment: Reflection 4
Professor: Christopher Stubbs
Topic: Racism
Due Date: March 14, 2013

Racism is such a critical issue that seems to be end never. Basically racism stands for a belief that inherent difference among various human races which determine cultural or achievement; simply it is a right to rule others. It has spread in everywhere in the world and the main countries are Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand. The main definition can be defined as prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race, color, religion, age and sex. People feel better comfortable with their own colors for example like Indians are comfortable with their own country people or the color very same with white are comfortable with white.There are billions of people in this world and everyone has different beliefs opinions, culture and we all live in very different style and world. Many people are narrow-minded and easily influenced by others opinions. I don’t have an explanation as to why racism still exits, I don’t have any experience with it but I can feel it as I live in Canada and study among students of different skin colours and lifestyles. People who have faced racism they are mainly two types of people who become a part of racism such as refugees and immigrants. Moreover, people are divided into three main colors which are white, brown mainly (Asian) and black people. People who have migrated to other countries are the victims of racism. They are mainly being a part of racism by the citizens of their country. Mostly there are people who don’t like the people of other countries mainly black people as they think they all are crime makers and trouble maker so they dislike or ignore them. But this is not always all the black or the other community people are not bad there are good people as well in the communities. There are several forms of racism like jokes, comments and fun that cause offence or hurt,...
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