Gun Control

Topics: Firearm, Gun Control, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 2 (945 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Gun Control

In America guns have been a part of the country’s society since its birth. Throughout history the citizens of the US have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, to hunt for food and to engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and gun control takes on a proportion of extreme magnitude. Weighing the rights and liberties of the individual against the welfare and safety of the public has always been a precarious balancing act. In the United States, gun control is one of these tumultuous issues that has both sides firmly entrenched in their positions. Those parties in favor of gun ownership and the freedom to use and keep arms, rely on the fact that the provision for such rights is enshrined in their constitution. In this climate of growing violence, rife with turmoil and crime, gun advocates feel more than ever that their position is justified. As citizens of the “Land of the Free” possessing a gun is a fundamental right, and may even be a necessity. Anti- gun lobbyists point to the same growing violence and gun related crimes in an effort to increase the control of firearms sales and regulations. Owning a gun never mattered to me or even crossed my mind as I was growing up. I always believed that nothing bad could ever happen to me not being gang affiliated at all just an average Joe Schmo, I must have not seen all the bad in the world. I was blind and naive did not see things happening around me but as I grew up I became wiser and began to see the dangers, crime, the issues in our world. When I was thirteen years old, things changed for me to the point of no return making a promise to myself that I would never let such thing happen to me ever again, I was brutally beaten by three older guys at thirteen years old. I was walking home from school as this older guy approached me asking me for my school/lunch money, I told him no and began to walk away from him, as I was walking away he reach out and grab me he said to me...
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