Gun Ban

Topics: Assault rifle, Democratic Party, Firearm Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: May 3, 2013
To all gun owners and american citizens if you're reading this and are a gun owner read this because stuff if going on in this country that needs addressing like knowing that Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama are trying to put a ban on assault weapons for american citizens

in this ban they are going to try to ban any and all ar style rifles or ak style rifles. any rifle or pistol that has more than 5 rounds rifle any detachable magazine they are going to try to ban any military style looking rifle they are going to ban. is it good or is it bad that they are banning this that is a decision to whomever the reader is to make on their own because everybody has an opinion and i am just giving facts and trying not to be biased

This is not a new ban it has already been tried in 1994 by the Clinton administration they banned any bayonet lug nuts any ar style rifles and ak style pretty much the same stuff except the companies who made these guns found a way to bypass the law they found loopholes around the law. so the gun ban didn't work like they thought it would it actually increased crime rate.

Thats why Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama are trying to ban them again except this time they are going to close the loopholes and make the law stricter because they had insider knowledge on the previous gun ban and knew how people got around it.

so now they know how to word the ban and make it really detailed so that there isn't any loopholes like instead of saying ar15 rifles and banning them they will word it that any and all military looking ar style or high capacity rifles that are semi automatic will be banned.

Before when they worded it ar15 rifles the company were able to take some of the features they banned off like bayonet lugs and flash hiders and then they named them something different then ar15 because that made them completely legal. that is why the ban didn't work according to Dianne Feinstein because people were still able to get...
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