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By | November 2012
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HIS 121, Fall 2011

Study Guide for Mid-Term Examination

The examination will be in two parts. Each part will be worth half of the total point value, and you will have 50 minutes to complete both sections.

Part 1 will be an identification section. In order to obtain full credit for an i.d., you will need to define and explain its historical significance. A full and compelling response will likely need to be 4-5 sentences long.

All i.d.s will be drawn from the following list. Study it carefully.

Wilfrid Owen General Paulus Cult of Manliness Monte Cassino Schlieffen Plan Grumman Hellcat Franz Ferdinand Maginot Line Sudetenland Rupert Brooke the Ardennes Reparations Russo-Japanese War “Lost Generation” “Patriotic” Education Luftwaffe Goebbels Family Anglo-German naval rivalry Okinawa Gavrilo Princip Mitsubishi Zero Hitler-Stalin Pact Dunkirk Belgian neutrality Operation Sea Lion Mesopotamia ”Tommy Atkins” Kursk Hugh Dowding 12th SS Panzer Division Pan-Slavism Triple Entente Sino-Japanese War Tripartite Pact RAF Hideki Tojo Attrition Anschluss Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

Singapore the Somme Conscription Battle of Jutland League of Nations Operation Barbarossa the “China Lobby” Russo-Japanese War Leyte Gulf Munich Conference Erich von Manstein Appeasement

Lusitania Ypres Passchendaele
Winston Churchill Poland Ethiopia Blondi Triple Alliance First Air Fleet
Battle of the Bulge Island-Hopping Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Balance of Power Blitzkrieg...

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