Gully Trap

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Everything you need to know about gully traps
Waste Pipes Ground Level

Concrete Surface Grating 25mm above paved and 100mm above unpaved

What is a gully trap?
Agullytrapisabasininthegroundwhichreceivespiped wastewaterfromyourkitchen,bathroomandlaundrybeforeitis emptiedintothesewer.Thebasinhasawatersealtopreventfoul odoursofthesewerreachingthesurface.Thetoporsurroundis raisedabovegroundleveltopreventstormwaterandotherforeign matterenteringthesewer.

What should my gully trap look like?
Thediagramshowstheacceptedconfigurationofagullytrapasset outintheNewZealandBuildingCode.Gullytraparrangementswhich TheBuildingCodesaysyourgullytrapsurroundsmustbe25mm aboveapavedsurfaceor100mmaboveunpavedsurfaces. Compacted granular bedding material Separation from building material

Gully traps are not meant for stormwater
Inperiodsofheavyrain,asuddenincreaseinwater flowingintothesewerthroughgullytrapscanresult inwastewateroverflowselsewhereinthesewerage system.Thiscanresultinrawsewageentering ourharbour.Theseexcessiveflowscanalsocause problemsatthewastewatertreatmentplantdueto systemoverloading.

Approved gully trap keeping rain water out of the wastewater system.

Illegal gully trap allowing rain into the wastewater system.

Common reasons why rain water flows into a gully trap inClude: • Incorrectheightofthegullytrapsurrounds • Downpipesplumbedintothegullytrapinsteadofthestormwatersystem



Water seal 65mm (min)


600mm (max)

Preventing sewer overflows to keep our harbour clean
TheSouthernPipelineisa$106Mwastewaterpipeline thatwillredirectmostofthecity’swastewateroverto TeMaunga.However,it’sstillafew...
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