Gulliver's Change Throughout Gulliver's Travels

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  • Published : May 1, 2005
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Gulliver's change throughout Gulliver's Travels

Throughput the book "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift, the character Gulliver changes many times. During and after part two and four of the book a noticeable change in Gulliver starts to occur. He himself may not see it but the reader sees it and ones attitude towards Gulliver might change due to Gulliver's changes. Throughout these two parts, we see Gulliver as an adventurous man that wants to see everything that has been created in the world. During his second adventure Gulliver see the opposite side of the spectrum and has to fend for his life because of his small size, which causes him to lose his view of human size when he goes back to England. In addition, he starts to defend England in his talks, which are totally opposite of how he started. In part four we see the most change in Gulliver, he has lost a grip on reality and no longer wants to accept the fact that he is what he is and looks like a Yahoo. In part two and four of Gulliver's Travels, we see changes within Gulliver.

In the second part of the book, Gulliver finds himself living with a group of giants called Brobdingnagians. During his stays with the giants, he is very pleased with their society and the long conversations that he is able to have with the queen. Since he is so tiny, he finds himself defending himself against animals and one man that is upset that he is no longer the smallest man. During his fights, we see Gulliver turning into a fighter because his life depends on how well he can protect himself. In addition, most of all we see Gulliver's attitude towards England change. We start to see this in his talks with the queen. He defended England because he does not want to admit that the queen is right, that her country is better than his is and that England does not have its country set up so that everyone is equal. Gulliver does know about his change in talk about England, he even admits it to the reader. He...
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