Gulf Oil Spill

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  • Published : December 8, 2010
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Seunghwan Lee
Professor Poe
En 102
Causes and Effects of Gulf Oil Disaster
As the situation of environment is becoming worse than ever these days, the explosion of Deepwater Horizon ship has been making things the worst with the enormous damages since this incident happened on April 20th 2010. This disastrous accident happened under the 2nd biggest oil company BP’s poor responsibility. According to this accident, about 30 laborers died or got deadly hurt then the ship started to sink down couple days after the exploding. As an unofficial said that it was spilling out 35,000 to 60,000 gallons of oil for a day from the borehole in deep sea. (“Oil estimate raised to 35,000-60,000 barrels a day”) In fact, however, it was hard to estimate how speedy the oil was spilling since it started to spill out from too deep. This problem brought controversy nowadays since the police were not even sure how big this trouble was. This disaster is still causing the end of marine animals, fishing industries, tourism and even wild animals’ place to live by marine pollutions. Although the situation is not easy to bear, if people know what exact causes and effects of this accident, there must be the way to be closed for solution.

The BP’s efforts to resolve is not actually seemed that it’s able to cover the seriousness of this accident any soon since it’s like uncountable costs would be charged to clean up the oil and restore the damage. Furthermore, some experts predict that more than 100 years will be needed to make it up. However, these days, BP is putting efforts to burn up the oil on the sea. That indicates they try to cover their fault step by step.

Figure 1. This is how the BP is burning up the oil which is flowing on the sea. now all holes are blocked but 560millions of oil already spilled out (Bourne).
Nevertheless the BP’s efforts, there still are many reasons that lead this problem stuck. One case of it is the “Not Me” Blame-shifting between BP and...
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