Gulf Oil Company - Restructuring Human Resources

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Gulf Oil Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: November 11, 2011
Human Resources Management
1st Semester, 1st Half 2011/2012

“Restructuring Human Resources Management at Gulf Oil Company”

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, in order to quickly respond to the increasing demand on oil and to the increasingly strict stipulations this market imposes, saw an opportunity to expand its refining capacity and introduce the latest technology in the oil refining industry. To reach this goal it developed long and medium strategic plans. As part of the long-term strategies, managers were required to clearly express the Mission, Vision and Strategic objectives of the company and the individual departments combining them into a final, comprehensive plan. One of these departments was the Human Resources Department, which was required to become more in tune, and more focused with the whole company, in order to increase its efficiency. But GOC didn't have the expected results, which caused them to initiate the “Business & Practices Re-Engineering Study”, which revealed the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This Study assumes that ineffectiveness is the main reason for a department's poor performance. Considering that GOC also believes that its HR department is ineffective, and that is, in fact, the cause of its unexpected results, we consider that, in order to correct what is wrong, and highlight what is right, the Study was, in fact, the best approach. The Study shows that the HR is not aligned with the company and has an insufficient communication system, so each department works individually instead of sharing their information, knowledge and resources. The solution for this HR Strategy issue could be to correctly implement the mission and vision strategies, and communicate them successfully among the different departments. Furthermore, they should be communicated to all employees through direct and concrete tasks and goals, which they need to achieve to allow the company to reach its competitive advantage. Since GOC is expanding and seeks to...
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