Gulf of Thailand and Big Cleaning Beach

Topics: Thailand, Gulf of Thailand, Tourism Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Pattaya City.
Pattaya City is one of the popular places in Thailand which is well known for beach, nightlife, and entertainment places. But on these years, tourists go to other places instead because of people do not save a beauty of Pattaya and moreover they turn Pattaya into a Sin City. People are wishes to have fun but not to maintain the beauty of natural. Polluted beach is one of the issues that Pattaya City is facing right now. Bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts, greasy, and etc. are turned a beauty beach into trashes beach which those trashes come from careless traveler every day. In my opinion, to overcome this problem, the government should provide more bins, build people’s conscious, and set a big cleaning beach day (same as Samui Island); this project would give people’s knowledge to save a natural, not to destroy it as well. On the other hand, Polluted beach might not be a big problem if compare to Sex Tourism. Many said that, Pattaya is a city born of Sin. Nightlife’s businesses like clubs and bar are provided sexy young ladies, ladies, and lady boys for attract customers. Moreover, they also provided short-time sex’s room which will charge customers from 300 – 1000 Bath depends on rooms’ grade (long-time sex is one-night stand or customer will be able to sleep overnight with lady). There are a lot of ladies that did not belong to any club, bar, or a go-go as well. A quickly survey of TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) said that “80% of male who go to Pattaya, they purely go for sex”. This sex tourism is making foreigners are insulting Thai people especially, Thai girls and making the country has gotten bad image as well. It’s hard to overcome this challenge but in my opinion, government should set a strictly rule about prostitute, bar, club, and a go-go because actually these kind of businesses are illegal in Thailand but government does not seriously control and handle it. Moreover, government should control the number of tourist in case of...
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