Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Topics: Management, Stock, Fiduciary Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: April 17, 2013
TO: Board of Directors
FROM: Juuso Nisula 240721 – Communication Director
Diep Nguyen 288592 – Corporate Communication Manager
DATE: 25.5.2010
SUBJECT: Communication strategy regarding the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

This memo summarizes the communication strategy that the Board of Director can apply to deal with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. The strategy is built upon three groups of stakeholders: employees, shareholders and the public. 1. Employees - Team meeting

The crisis may arouse the fear of dismissal or lower salary among employees. For that reason, it is important to provide them with a fair view of the case, indicate there is currently no change in the policy and motivate them to work better. A team meeting with the middle manager in each department would be efficient because there, people can directly exchange information and avoid misunderstanding. The Board of Directors should make sure all middle managers are well aware of the situation so that they can provide satisfactory answers to the staffs. 2. Shareholders – Email and common shareholders meeting As shareholders are anxious about the stock price of British Petroleum shrinking, it is critical to reinforce their trust in our business. Thus, the CEO should send a personal email which shows our deepest regret over the incident, at the same time assuring them we are handling well with the crisis. The email should follow an indirect and emotional approach in order to gain sympathy from readers. Besides, we may organize a common shareholders meeting to ask for their advice on how to improve the situation, so that they get a sense of involvement and become more loyal to us. 3. Public – Mass media message

Different parties are concerned about whether British Petroleum claims full responsibility. Therefore, a personal message from the CEO stating our commitment will have enough credibility to ease the public. This message should be published on newspapers and broadcasted on TV....
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