Guitar – Winning the Hearts Through the Ages

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Guitar – Winning the Hearts Through the Ages

By | November 2010
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When humans listened for the first time to the pleasant sound of passing breeze touching leaves of trees, they started to love music. Their minds filled with love for music and there came the need for making musical instruments. We can see music everywhere. When the breeze blows, the dry leaves crackle, the birds sing, sea roars, even our heart beats, there is rhythm of music. People wanted to make something that would keep crafting music and rhythms for them whenever or wherever they wanted. People started to invent different musical instruments and thereby created the history of musical instruments. Inventors started with creating the flute, drums and now ended up with many more type of instruments. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments of present time. In any type of music, whether it is jazz, country, rock or metal, guitar can be used. Many people think it is a modern instrument, but very few people linked with guitar industry know its history. The guitar history started in 1900 B.C. People of that time used to play an instrument that was similar to guitar. Artifacts excavated from Babylonia (1900-1800B.C.) showed evidence of this. One of the plaques showed ancient figures playing a musical instrument which is comparable to a classical guitar. It had two parts- body and neck. It was bowl-shaped, flat backed and had at least two strings on the right side. The same kinds of instruments were found in Egypt, Persian Empire and Luristan of that time. In ancient Egypt, the instrument was a bowl-shaped harp with carefully marked frets made of guts and wound on the neck. Around 30 B.C. - 400 A.D. a later development was found in a Coptic Egyptian tomb. This instrument had deeper curves, the back became flat and the surfaces were put together with wooden strips which looked like a sound box. These features are similar to today’s guitar. During the same time, Romans were also using this kind of wooden instrument. They replaced...

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