Guitar Highway Rose

Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Guitar Highway Rose explores the difficulties of growing up as well as the complications of being an adult; discuss

Guitar Highway Rose takes us on a long journey exploring what its like to be a teenager as well as life as an adult that has to cope with a teenager who wants freedom like all teenagers, how teenagers rebel and want their own independence, wanting more experience and their problems with their family. It also discusses how the parents have difficulty controlling teenagers and helping them grow up and also how they have their own relationship problems and also how they deal with it. Guitar Highway Rose has characters like Rosie and Asher who are teenagers that want their own independence and want to make decisions for themselves, they want freedom by not following rules. “I am fifteen and desperate. My mother would not let me get a nose ring.” Rosie and her mother Lily had an argument about how Rosie wants to have a nose ring. They disagreed. Her mother thinks it is ugly and that Rosie should not have it because she might want to become a lawyer some day. But at the end Rosie did it secretly behind her mother’s back. She did it because she wants to fit in with everyone else. Rosie wants a nose ring and thinks that she should decide not her mother because it is her life. Asher also did not follow the rules and was always out of uniform. Asher and Rosie think they are old enough to make decisions for themselves but their parents think that they are too small. That’s how Guitar Highway Rose explores the difficulties of growing up as well as the complications of being an adult. Guitar Highway Rose also discusses the relationships with parents. Rosie’s mother and Rosie disagree on lots of things and they do not get along really well because Rosie wants to claim her life as her own. She wants to experience things and try new things and take risks, but......
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