Guinness 4 Ps + History ( Detyailed Assignment)

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Guinness 4 ps + History (Detailed assignment)

* History of Guinness

* What is The Marketing Mix

* The 4ps of the Marketing Mix

* 4ps on Guinness

* Bibliography

* Acknowledgments

The history of Guinness

The history of Irish Guinness Stout began with Arthur Guinness who was born in Celbridge, County Kildare on the 17th of September 1725. Beer already ran in his family as his father is said to have brewed beer for the Archbishop's estate workers. Arthur had big ideas and dreamed of having a brewery under his own name in the big city. In 1759, he purchased a dormant brewery in Dublin with £100 that had been left to him from his godfather the Archbishop. In the 1770's, Arthur Guinness was brewing ale however he decided to try his hand at the new Porter, which resulted in more of a success than other Dublin brewers. Before the close of the 19th century, the Guinness brewery was the largest in the world. By this time, Guinness was introduced into markets as far as America, Australia, the Far East and Africa, often with cooperation from local brewers, making the brand the global icon it is today. The specific recipe of this world famous product is still a closely guarded secret. It is made from a combination of water, barley, malt, hops and yeast. Despite myths the water does not come from the River Liffey. It is from Lady's Well in the Wicklow Mountains. In 1998, The Guinness Storehouse opened as a visitor attraction. It is now Ireland's leading site and welcomes over 750,000 visitors every year and has recently celebrated its three millionth visitor. Guinness Draught is available as Guinness Original, Extra Cold, Extra Smooth and, most recently as Guinness Red. Made from the same raw ingredients as Guinness Draught, Guinness Red uses lightly roasted barley to create a substantial beer with a distinctive red colour. The legacy that Arthur Guinness left behind was the most popular and well known stout in the world and it's most important secret ingredient was Arthur Guinness himself.

The Marketing mix
What is the marketing mix?
The marketing mix is one of the most
Famous marketing terms there is.
The marketing mix is also called the 4Ps.
The 4Ps are price, place, product and
Promotion. The concept is simple, the offer
you make to your customer can be changed
by varying the mix elements. So for a high
profile brand, increase the focus on promotion
and desensitize the big price tag on these products.

Price is the amount the consumer must
exchange to receive the product.
The company’s goal in terms of price is
really to reduce costs through improving
manufacturing and efficiency, and most
importantly the marketer needs to
increase the perceived value of the
benefits of its products and services to
the consumer that is buying the product.

Place refers to having the right product,
in the right location, at the right time to
be purchased by consumers. This proper
placement of products is done through
middle people called the channel of
distribution. How manufacturers store,
handle, and move products to customers at
the right time and at the right place is referred
to as physical distribution.

A product is any combination of goods
and services offered to satisfy the needs
and wants of consumers. Therefore a
product is anything tangible or intangible
that can be offered for purchase or use by
consumers. A tangible product is one
that consumers can actually touch, such
as a computer. An intangible product is a
service that cannot be physically touched,
such as computer repair service.


Promotion is a communication process
that takes place between a business
and consumers through advertisement.
Therefore in order to be effective,
businesses need to plan promotional
activities with the communication
process in mind. There are four basic
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