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CSMR-OCS/WOCS8 November 2012


SUBJECT: Use, display, and care of the OCS/WOC Guidon.

1. Problem.
It is the OCS Commandant’s intent that the Officer Candidate Guide be studied and analyzed in order to modify existing section(s) and/or incorporate new sections into the Candidate Guide for the use, display, and care of the OCS/WOC Guidon. All recommendations are to conform to existing Army Regulations (AR’s), Field Manuals (FM’s), and all other pertinent Army publications.

2. Recommendation.
OCS/WOC Guidon shall not be presented until training has been presented in proper employment of the Guidon. The information below will prepare the OCS/WOC class to earn the right to carry the guidon. OCS Commandant is to determine when the OCS Guidon is to be presented. Basic guidon positions

This paragraph describes basic guidon positions and how to assume them. a. When the unit is formed, the guidon bearer is one step in front of and two 15-inch left steps to the right of and facing the person forming the unit (the person forming the unit is facing the unit.) If the platoon sergeant forms the unit, the guidon bearer steps forward three steps on the command POST. b. To face with the guidon, raise the ferrule 1 inch off the marching surface by bending the right elbow slightly. After executing the movement, automatically lower the ferrule to the Order position. Keep the staff vertical throughout the movement. c. Execute facing movements, marching movements, Present Arms (Present Guidon), and Rest movements with the unit. During manual of arms movements, remain at Order Guidon except for Present Arms. d. When in a line formation and the company is faced to the right for a marching movement, face to the right in marching, assume the Double-Time position and double-time from that position to a position five steps forward of and centered on the squad leaders of the first platoon. e. If a platoon is authorized a guidon, the bearer’s post is one step in front of and two 15-inch steps to the right of and facing the person forming the platoon. When the formation is faced to the right for a marching movement, the bearer executes in the same manner as explained above, except that his/her post is three steps in front of and centered on the squad leaders. If the platoon leader is present and at his/her post, the bearer’s post is one step to the rear and two 15-inch steps to the left of the platoon leader. f. When the guidon bearer is marching at his post in a column formation during a Column Left (Right), he/she executes a Column Half Left (Right) on the command of execution and inclines as necessary to maintain his post. g. Execute raised guidon only on the preparatory commands for Present, ARMS; Eyes, RIGHT; and on the preparatory command Order of Order, ARMS following the execution of Present Arms and Eyes Right. Also execute Raised Guidon on the preparatory command Ready of Ready, FRONT.

Order guidon
At Order Guidon (Position of Attention), keep the ferrule on the marching surface and touching the outside of the right foot, opposite the ball of the right foot. Hold the staff in the right hand in the “U” formed by the fingers (extended and joined pointing downward) and thumb. Keep the right hand and arm behind the staff. Rest the staff against the hollow of the shoulder.

Rest positions
To assume Rest positions, execute the following actions.
a. On the preparatory command Parade, slide the right hand up the staff until the forearm is horizontal and grasp the staff. On the command of execution REST, thrust the staff straight forward keeping the ferrule on the marching surface until the arm is fully extended, and at the same time, execute Parade Rest as in individual drill. b. Stand At Ease is the same as Parade Rest, except that the eyes and head are turned toward the commander. c. Execute At Ease and Rest...
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