Guidelines on Confirming Climates

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Javon Hall

Instructor: Geni Wright

Interpersonal Communication155

Week 8 Assignment Individual Work

December 11, 2012

In this chapter we learned about confirming and disconfirming communication. Also, right along with that the six different climates to communication. These climates consist of Evaluation vs. Description, Certainty vs. Provisionalism, Strategy vs. Spontaneity, Control vs. Problem Orientation, Neutrality vs. Empathy, and Superiority vs. Equality. Each of these leads to the five guidelines for creating and sustaining confirming climates. The five guidelines are actively use communication to build confirming climates, accept and confirm others, affirm and assert yourself, respect diversity in relationships, and respond constructively to criticism. In this lesson you asked that we choose and describe three that we find valuable in our current social, professional and personal life.

I believe that we all as a whole use just about or the whole guideline to communicate with one another no matter if it’s professional, personal or in a social type relationship. The first guideline says to actively use communication to build confirming climates. This means to enhance communication climates by accepting and growing from the tension generated by relational dialectics. Growth in individuals and relationships depends on honoring our needs for autonomy or condition of self-government and connection, novelty and routine, and openness and closedness. This keeps us aware of our multiple needs and the importance of fulfilling all of them. The next guideline is accept and confirm others. We do this because we expect our real friends to be sources of honest feedback, even if it isn’t always pleasure to hear. We must acknowledge others and accept their needs and preferences. The next guideline is affirming and asserting yourself. You should always tell yourself or better yet know that you are no less valuable, your needs are no...
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