Guidelines for Rendering

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Rendering a text from a source onto a target language is a linguistic procedure that presupposes simultaneous operations of compressing the original text to the limits of its informational necessity and sufficiency and choosing the most effective linguistic means of the target language to convey the message of the original text.

To render a newspaper article consider the following points:

1) Read the original text to define its problematic issue.

2) Render the headline of the original text into English. Newspaper headlines are often written in a special style, which is very different from ordinary English. In this style, there are some special rules of grammar, and words are often used in unusual ways. Rules of structuring headlines in the Ukrainian and English languages differ much, cf.:

• cербська влада занепокоєна протестами населення з приводу арешту генерала младіча

✓ serbia alert over mladic protests

So, while rendering newspaper headlines from Ukrainian into English mind the following grammar rules:

|A |Headlines are not always complete sentences. Many of them consist of noun phrases with no verb. | | |кількість загиблих у результаті торнадо в штаті міссурі вже досягла 139 осіб | | |missouri tornado death toll now 139 | |B |Headlines often contain strings of three, four or more nouns; nouns earlier in the string modify those that follow. | | |працівники меблевої фабрики страйкують з приводу зменшення заробітної плати | | |furniture factory pay cut row...
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