Guidelines for Minor Project

Topics: Typography, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 3 (330 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Minor Project Report Contents:

1. Title page
2. Company Certificate (optional )
3. Declaration by the student
4. Certificate by the guide
5. Acknowledgements
6. Contents page
7. Executive Summary
8. List of tables
9. Lists of charts / figures
10. Sections in report
1 .Conceptual Framework
2. The Present study / Methodology
3. Organization profile
4. Analysis of the study
5. Findings, Suggestions & Conclusions. 11. Bibliography
12. Annexure

Guidelines and Information

1. The Minor Project Must be typed.
2. It should in a 4 size paper.
3. Each page should contain 160-180 words approximately it should be submitted within 10 days of reopening of the college. 4. Number of credits for the project – 2
5. The total number of pages should be between 25 to 30 pages. 6. Maintain a separate 100 pages notebook and note down all the day – to – day activities during the making of your project. 7. Bibliography format:

a) Books-Author name, year of publication, Titles of the book in italics, place of publication, and name of the publisher Ex. Aguilar, Francis J. 1994, Managing Corporate Ethics, London; Oxford University Press b) Articles- author name, year publication, title of the article in inverted commas, journal title in italics, volume no. pp number. Ex. Adelman. H, 1991, Morality and Ethics in Organizational Administration, Journal of Business Ethics, 10 (9), 665-678.

Project report

Contents and Approximate number of page

Section 1: Theoretical framework / Conceptual framework
A. Main subject 2 B.Topic related concepts 2 Section 2: need of the study...
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