Guidelines for Info4 Cousrework Ict

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Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World


INFO4 Coursework Guide


1.Background and Investigation4
1.1An introduction to the organisation.6
1.2Describe the current system or existing situation and the environment that it is set in.6 1.3Identification of client and users.7
1.4A business case (reasons) for change.7
1.5Evidence of the use of relevant investigation techniques.8 1.6Requirements of the client8
2.Analysis and deliverables10
2.1Statement of scope10
2.2Description of the proposed system10
2.3Documentation of the processes11
2.4Description of the users of the proposed system11
2.5Evaluation criteria11
2.6Agreed deliverables11
2.7Evidence of checking the findings with the client11
3.Design and planning for implementation13
3.1Evidence of investigating alternative design solutions13 3.2Draft design work14
3.3Final design work14
Reports and other outputs15
Other Issues15
3.4Plan for implementation, testing and instalment, including proposed time scales15 3.5Training requirements for the new system15
3.6Testing strategy15
3.7Test plan16
4Testing and documentation of the implementation17
4.1Evidence of testing17
4.2Evidence of client and end user testing17
4.3Comprehensive documentation of the solution17
5Evaluation of the implemented solution18
5.1A critical evaluation18
5.2Evaluation of own performance18
6The project report19


The aim of this unit is to provide you with the opportunity to complete a substantial project involving the production of an ICT-related system over an extended period of time. In this section you will investigate the client’s requirements and draw up a set of working objectives. You will investigate an existing system (either computer and/or paper-based) within an organisation and determine how it could be improved by the introduction of a new system. This involves a feasibility study and analysis of existing systems to determine what user requirements (objectives) could be addressed by the introduction of a new system.

It is important to remember that at this point, you do not know that you will be producing the system in Microsoft Access.

This coursework module is worth 20% of your overall A Level grade and will take up a lot of your time this year.

The coursework module is split into several different sections:

1.Background and investigation[14 marks]
2.Analysis and deliverables[15 marks]
3.Design and planning for implementation [14 marks]
4.Testing and documentation of implementation[13 marks]
5.Evaluation of the implemented solution[7 marks]
6.The Project Report[7 marks]

Total70 marks

The first aspect you should consider on your project is a plan of any work that needs to be carried out. You should create a Gantt Chart similar to the one shown below in Figure 1 - Sample Gannt Chart and Milestone Table to show exactly how you plan to deliver your project on time, using milestone dates for the completion of each aspect of the project; this section of your project documentation is vital as the planning process will allow you to gain a better understanding of the tasks and sub-tasks you will need to complete.

|Milestone Dates Write your dates | |Background and investigation | | |Analysis and deliverables | | |Design and planning for implementation | | |Testing and...
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