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Guide to Case Analysis

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Guide to Case Analysis

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Guide to Case Analysis| October 23
Please use the following framework for Case Assignments.| Global Marketing 5005|

Procedure for case analysis (for students)
The following framework can be used for case analysis:
Step 1:| Read the case thoroughly with a view to understanding the key international marketing issue illustrated by the case. (Skagen Design - PAGE: 309)| | Discriminate between information which is relevant and that which is superfluous and/or ambiguous.| | Select and apply relevant theoretical marketing models.| Step 2:| Define clearly and concisely the basic problems in the case (some of the questions in this textbook’s cases are already formulated, but these questions are only guiding and do not necessarily cover all basic problems). Identify main issues, e.g. increased international competition, changes in underlying consumer tastes. Do not be confused with ‘symptoms’ – e.g. declining market share, lower profitability. Identify the key decision to be made, e.g. how to expand internationally, how to position the product, how to increase international competitiveness etc.| Step 3:| Use the information and facts provided in the case to analyze the situation:| | The market, demand (buyer) competition, etc.|

| Company strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).| Step 4:| Based on the analysis in step 3, identify possible alternative strategy solutions to cope with the problem defined in step 2. State assumptions, which are made in order for the strategies to work. Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative. This should form the main focus of your attention.|

Step 5:| Recommend a course of action selecting the alternative proposed in step 3. Which would you consider most appropriate to solve the problem identified in step 2 taking into consideration the analysis made in step 3? Include some specifics regarding how the recommendations may...

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