Guidance Services

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To implement these basic guidance services the following guidance programs are regularly conducted by the Counselors. GUIDANCE PROGRAMS
1.    Personal Counseling (PC)

Offers counseling, problem-solving, and decision-making sessions with students.

a. Group Counseling – is arranged when students have common concerns and difficulties and are seen to benefit from a group relationship.

b. Individual Counseling – is conducted among referred counselees, those who voluntarily request for individual counseling and those with special needs and difficulties that need follow-up on a long term basis.

c. Peer Counseling – is conducted among students by trained students with listening and encouraging skills. 4. Peer Counseling Program (PCP)

This program will provide opportunities to any U.P. students who has the interest, capability and availability to assist his peer or fellow students to improve his/her social functioning or to help him/her cope with his/her problems.  Qualified students are provided with training on self-development and counseling strategies by the Counseling and Testing Office.

5. Psychological Testing Program (PTP)

All freshmen and interested upperclassmen are provided testing on any psychological test, mental ability, aptitude, interest and personality on an optional basis.  CAREER EDUCATION PROGRAM

This is designed to provide assistance and help to the individual student in enhancing and developing his personality, potentials, ability, skills and talents from the time he enter to the College until he become alumni. The service is focused in helping and assisting student with academic and/or personal difficulties, student with average academic performance and student with distinct academic and co-curricular achievements. The program is also designed to help and assist the student in the process of building his path toward the attainment of his career in life.

* Intervention program for students under academic probation...
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