Guidance Notes for Completion of Aston MBA CV Template

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Guidance notes for completion of Aston MBA CV Template

1. The template contains a series of text boxes shaded in grey. When you click onto the grey box it turns black and you can then type your entry directly into the allocated space. This ensures that the correct font style and size is displayed. Please do not enter anything outside of these text boxes and please do not change any of the formatting.

2. Picture Goes Here
I will arrange for a photographer to take photos for the MBA CVs in the first term so please do nothing with this box. I will let you know of the arrangements for this after you arrive at Aston.

3. Full Name
Click on the text and overwrite your full name in upper and lower case letters, with your forename first and then your surname/family name e.g. Angela Edkins, Lun Wu.

4. Nationality
Click on the text and overwrite your nationality

5. Languges
Click on the list box and make a list of the languages which you speak e.g. English (native) or Mandarin (native) French English German Japanese

6. Career Interests
Click on the list box and list the careers you are interested in on completion of your MBA. We can discuss this further when you arrive if you are not sure what to put here.

7. Education and Qualifications
I’ve started this for you with the Aston MBA. Please continue the list with your other Higher Education qualifications entering your School of Study, the Country and the precise title of your qualification in the boxes provided.

8. Professional Experience
There are boxes here to overwrite your previous employer’s company name, the name of the country which will appear in italics, a brief description of what the company did, your job title and a few bullet points about what you did.

For example:

2007– 2010 Smith Company plc United Kingdom
Automotive Parts Manufacturer Financial Manager
• Provided relevant financial results to Board of Directors • Managed a team of 8 staff
• Reviewed and developed financial reporting systems • Established cost control measures

• Start each of the bullet points with a verb, make it as active a verb as possible and write in the past tense e.g. implemented, planned, organised, achieved, managed, negotiated, increased, improved, designed, initiated, reduced, analysed (see next page for more words) • Describe what you actually did, paying attention to any achievements. • Think about whom you met, liaised with, negotiated with, co-operated with. • Use positive descriptive words such as efficient, effective, prompt, satisfied, improved, successful. • If you can, then quantify any of the points you make e.g. increased sales by 30% over a twelve month period, managed a team of 20 professional design engineers, managed a budget of £2 million.

Please see additional help on next page, on writing about your work experience.

9. Additional Information
This is an opportunity to list anything else you feel is important to your job applications, e.g. specific IT skills, voluntary work experience, community work experience, professional qualifications and memberships etc.

10. Interests
Briefly write about your interests – in an interesting way! |Content of your job |Suggested useful verbs | |What were your main work objectives and goals?...
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