Guidance in Mystery

Topics: Dream, Sleep, The Unknown Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: July 17, 2012
Stella the Spinster’s Afternoon Dreams is a short story written by Panos Karnezis and is contained in his book, Little Infamies. All the short stories compiled in this first book of his were apparently set in the same nameless Greek village, perhaps an ode to his origins. In the beginning of the story, a dark suited man with a shapeless hat is introduced. His origins are unknown and so are his intensions for visiting the village. The lack of information about this mysterious man may be likened to the unpredictability of things in the world. As cliché as it might sound, it is quite true. There are many things in this universe that we cannot explain and this character may very simply personify this concept. The unknown man first encounters the chandler and the barber as the former tends to his abscess and the latter has just finished shearing the sheep. He inquires about lodging and the two townspeople lead him to the spinster’s pension but warn him of the spinster’s distaste towards the disruption of her afternoon nap. This may root from a person’s general distaste towards having their daily routines disrupted, especially when this disruption is something of the unknown. The two villagers tell the mysterious man of the spinster’s odd ways. They tell him of her dowry: jewelry she had purchased from the profit of her pension and her vegetable sales, contained and untouched in a biscuit tin. This could exemplify one’s tendency to keep things and leave them untouched, until the need for them arises. Otherwise, these items may be left to gather dust. Perhaps because of exhaustion from his journey, the mysterious man disregards the warning given to him and proceeds to knock on the door of the pension. He is greeted by a woman in her net and curlers who indeed snaps at him for the reason that she could have been asleep. He flatters her so as to ease her up a bit and she shows him to the room where he is to stay. After the unknown...
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