Guidance Counselor

Topics: Parent, Abuse, Education Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: January 29, 2013
I believe it is more advantageous to lay a solid and positive social, academic and behavioral foundation at an early level than to defer it until a later stage.

Teachers often are taxed by the large numbers of students in their class and therefore they ignore the needs of students with difference. With my experience I noticed the various issues children and youth are faced with, these include family problems, parents divorcing, custody problems with children, substance abuse, older siblings involved in gangs, sexual and physical abuse, peer pressure and parental neglect.

As the organization's Guidance/Youth counselor I will be an asset in assisting to understand and accept their uniqueness and liabilities, helping young children and youth develop a healthy self concept, helping learners to grow and develop in all spheres of life. I will help children and youth to cope with and alleviate personal and emotional problems, I will keep records and monitor learners and if the problems persist I will follow up with Child Welfare. By assisting the school in day to day activities and providing regular talks to girls and boys on topics such as puberty and other important problems young children and our youth face, I will be of a great advantage to the school.

I will provide an information service to the organization's system and provide personal, social, vocational and educational counselling. The school pupil also needs information on various aspects of life. Having gained much intellect working one on one with students of different ages, I have much experience in this field and pay attention to detail with sensitive issues. I portray my image as an adviser, a helper, a teacher, a parent, a confidant and a friend to the child.
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