Guidance and Counselling Needs

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Guidance and counselling needs

A Detailed study of the
Guidance and counselling needs for adolescents of Senior
Secondary School

A synopsis submitted to the
Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
In the partial fulfilment of the degree of the Master of Education

Supervisor: Investigator
Dr. Sarika SharmaMeetali gupta
Ganga Institute of (M.Ed. Student)
Education, Kablana, Ihajjar

Village Kablana, 20 Km. Mile Stone, Bahadurgarh Road, Jhajjar (Haryana)

Education plays an Important role in the progress of an individual mind and country . it is a never ending process of inner growth and development, and its period extends from birth till death. In ancient Greece. secrets argued that education was drawing out what was already within the student. "The one real object of education is to leave a man in the condition of continually asking questions." Bishop Creighton. The purpose of education is to cultivate the mind so the individual can accomplish all his/her aims in life. Guidance is a powerful and meaningful process through which an individual is helped so that he can take his decision, conclude results and fulfill his aims. With the help of guidance and individual can recognize his ability, capacity and intellectual level. Guidance do not solve any problem of an individual but it helps the individual to seek solutions for his burning problem. "The individual is the heart of society". (Plato)

Guidance is based on the fact that an individual needs hclp in particular circumstances . k Some people needs help continuously and regularly throughout their lives while others only in particular conditions. People of lesser age feel this necessity more. Need for Guidance

To a certain extent, adolescents are snob they are conscious of the fact that they are approving adult status, yet at the same time they are bewildered, unsure of themselves, and anxious to do the right acceptable thing in their relations with others. Although they may seem to be completely independent of adult control especially of their parents, they need and seek help. Probable never before or never again in an I individual as conscious 'of his status as a social entity as he is during the ages of about thirteen to nineteen. Although young people differ as to the time when they develop this strong consciousness, it is likely to appear sooner or later and bring it with many problems of adjustment innumerable question the answer to which are eagerly sought.

Need For Counselling
Many schools have made important strides in class-size reduction, higher academic standards, greater accountability and improved teacher preparation. In many schools, students' access to counsellors varies by grade level, and some school districts have no counselling programs at all. School counsellors provide counselling programs in three domains: academic, career and personal/social. Their services and programs help students resolve emotional, social or behavioural problems and help them develop a clearer focus or sense of direction. Effective counselling programs are important to the school climate and a crucial element in improving student achievement.

Statement of the problem :-
The related studies, the importance of situation and varied as well as personal experiences inspired the investigator to undertake the fallowing problem for investigation. "A comparative study of the guidance needs of adolescents of secondary school."

Objective of the study:-
The main objective of the study as follows:-
I) To study the Guidance need of adolescents in the following areas *education
*personal and vocational
2) To compare the Guidance need of rural and rural students of secondary school. 3) To compare the Guidance need of rural boys and urban boys. Hypothesis of the study:-
1) There will be no difference between the educational Guidance needs of rural and urban...
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