Guidance and Counselling

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     IntroductionLiterature review consists of citations from professional books, journals, organizational technical reports and from the World Wide Web. Illustration of contemporary issues and practices in Austin    Analysis of the issue            Conclusion    Bibliography Length| | Brief Explanation of the TopicFor example: Employee Stress and Burnout. Paper would include references that would offer definitions of burnout and stress, instruments used to measure such phenomena, impact of burnout and stress on employees, professionals, the organization, clients, family, etc. This section establishes the saliency of the topic in terms of local organizations. It is addressed by providing interviews with members of organizations, examples of legislation, policy memoranda and organization efforts to address the issue. Here use an organization where you work, have a field placement or have some working knowledge. This means that you will want to pick an issue that has relevance to some organization with which you have contact. If the topic is burnout then organization what manifestations occur in the? Have training sessions or interventions been scheduled? Do professional associations offer programs?Student illustrates the quality of his or her thinking about the topic. What appear to be the dimensions of the topic? Is it a timeless issue or a contemporary one having developed in recent years. What challenges does it present to an organization? How effective do the theoretical and applied efforts to address the issue appear to be? What are the consequences for ignoring or failing to successfully address the issue?You may relate this section to a specific organization, organizations in general, or both. This is the point at which you explain to the reader why you feel this is an important topic and how your finding buttresses your opinion. Let’s say your topic is virtual organizations and that you have surveyed literature and conclude that...
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