Guest Worker Program and Illegal Immigration

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  • Published : January 13, 2008
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Solving illegal immigration is by no means a small feat. It can be a very sensitive topic for many people from both the US and Mexico. The Bush Administration has developed the guest worker program. The guest worker program grants temporary legal status for a foreigner, allowing he or she to work. A great deal of difficulty lies in creating a plan than is a win-win scenario for both countries' citizens. To completely open our borders to all immigrants can pose great threat not only to America's safety but to the economy as well. Then again, to close them entirely would be a very unpopular solution for most in addition to a possible negative economic ripple.

Bush's program is designed to match willing immigrant workers with willing American employers when there aren't any American employees to be found. Part of the idea is to have current illegal workers come out from hiding and become legal while in America. The legal status will entitle them to civil rights that were previously not granted. An example of some basic rights would include labor laws, the right to change jobs, fair wages, and a healthy work environment. All these everyday rights that we as US citizens sometimes take for granted would be available to a foreign worker under the proposed program. If current illegal workers choose to act on this program, the Bush administration hopes this could deter future illegal crossing into the US. With the guest worker program as an option it may be more attractive to legally work in the US without the constant worry of being deported.

Many illegal workers are sought after by our country's agriculture industry. Farmers usually find it easier to hire cheap illegal immigrant labor. This type of labor can be physically exhausting and is often found undesirable to many Americans. In addition, the work involved usually does not require any professional trade skills or more than an elementary school level of education.

This is an extremely controversial...
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