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Topics: Employment, LinkedIn, Termination of employment Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: March 13, 2013
If you notice warning signs at your company that clearly say, "Somebody's going to be leaving here on short notice," don't wait until you're handed a pink slip to start thinking about your next career move. Here are nine tips that can help make a layoff less traumatic, and put you on track to quickly land a new job. Assess Your Next Move

It can be unnerving to show up for work every day knowing that a layoff is looming. Help relieve some of that tension by taking stock of your professional situation. Ask yourself: 1) If you had to change jobs quickly, would you pursue the same type of assignment you have now? 2) Where would you focus your job search and how would brand yourself for the next project? 3) What have you learned on your current job that could be beneficial in your next venture? 4) Would you consider independent consulting — perhaps even for your soon-to-be former employer? Revive Your Resume

An effective resume nowadays draws a smooth line between your background (highlighting your entire career, not just your current role) and the positions you're targeting in your job search. If a layoff is, indeed, in the works at your company, you'll want to rewrite your resume to focus on the relevance of your previous jobs in relation to the positions you're pursuing now. For example, if you've spent several years in human resources, but prefer accounting and want to highlight that aspect of your skill set, under your current job functions, showcase the accounting-related work you've done. Update (or Create) Your LinkedIn Profile

New users should get comfortable with, which is a social networking site targeted towards professionals, by joining a group, answering a question on LinkedIn Answers, adding a blog or other content to your profile, and using the search capabilities of the site's massive database. Before you change anything on your profile, however, go to the settings and turn off outgoing notifications to your network. Doing this allows...
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