Guerrilla Recruiting Tactics @ Mc Donalds

Topics: War, Guerrilla warfare Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: July 30, 2012
GUERRILLA RECRUITING TACTICS - Guerrilla recruiting is a style of recruiting that makes use of the tactics and strategies that have been used for centuries by warfare. According to Drucker (1998), these tactics are highly focused form of recruiting that are fully integrated and driven by fundamental motives of the organization. These tactic are also typically deployed by an organization that is inferior both in numbers and tools against a larger and more mechanized competitor, but that is not always the case. In this tactic, you attack competitors where they are vulnerable and capitalize on getting all the talented and productive employees you can even if you have no direct need for them. After taking this into account, one comes to the conclusion that Guerilla tactics may not adequately help McDonalds attract more applicants because one of its major aims is hiring to harm competitors. McDonald’s major problem in recruitment is not centered on its competitors, and thus utilizing such tactics would not be beneficial to the organization. Drucker (1998), argues that guerrilla tactics also rely on the use of deceit and trickery as a means of securing recruits. This could do more harm than good for an organization as over a period of time it would cause suspicion and mistrust by potential employees within the labour market which would not be beneficial to the brand image it is trying to build for itself. Success in running a guerilla recruiting force is largely dependent on flawless execution as well as a dedicated, loyal and highly resourceful recruiting force. These are character traits that are hard to acquire and even more so to find within the labour market. And for an organization as large as McDonalds, a large guerrilla recruiting force would be required. Simply put, creating an efficient recruiting team that uses guerrilla tactics would be too costly and difficult to achieve.
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