Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla marketing


1. Definiton

2. Meaning

3. Principles of guerilla marketing

4. Tools

5. Advantages of guerilla marketing

6. Examples


The term "guerrilla marketing" was first used by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1984 book, Guerrilla Marketing. In it, he describes this method of marketing as nontraditional, low-cost or no-cost ways of marketing, promoting, advertising, publicizing, etc. Some have called it unconventional marketing; some have called it extreme marketing; still others have even used the term stealth marketing. And all of these apply in the sense that the tactics are nontraditional and low- or no-cost.

Guerrilla marketing has a major profit orientation and emphasis. Since guerrilla marketers don’t have unlimited funds, they must employ smarter rather than harder ways to work. This is done through the full use of time, energy, information, knowledge and, most of all, imagination. The guerrilla marketer must use all of his or her contacts to network, find creative publicity stories, angles and outlets, and generate ideas that'll get noticed and talked about.

This type of marketing is primarily designed for small businesses and independent professionals. Other organizations such as nonprofits have also found it beneficial. It's great for small business because it's important for a guerrilla marketer to be flexible and agile to react to marketplace environments and influences-- without layers of bureaucracy to go through, small businesses can change course as needed.

Guerrilla marketing is a form of marketing which relies on the use of innovative, unexpected, and quirky techniques to familiarize people with a brand or concept. The goal is to gain exposure by being unusual, and to attract buzz and discussion along the way. This style of marketing is very well suited to small businesses and companies with limited advertising budgets, although major corporations around the world have also been involved in guerrilla marketing campaigns, some of which have been very successful.


■ Guerrilla marketing in simple terms means standing above the noise of the competition. It deals with matching wits than matching budgets.

■ Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.


Guerilla marketing involves being original, breaking the rules, and looking for alternatives to traditional marketing methods. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing tactics are unexpected and unconventional; consumers are targeted in unexpected places, which can make the idea that's being marketed memorable, generate buzz, and even spread virally. The cost of selling a product to a brand-new customer is six times higher than selling to an existing customer. Therefore, guerrilla marketers focus on getting their customers to expand the size of their purchases. This reduces the cost of marketing and also reinforces the marketer- customer relationship. Guerrilla marketing is based on imagination and is targeted towards maximizing profits with minimum resources. To be a successful guerrilla, one needs to constantly produce out-of-the-box ideas and should have the ability to implement them effectively.


• Flexible – because of small scale nature can be adapted quickly, relatively easy to respond to change

• Low Cost – one of the founding principles – ideal for firms who do not have massive marketing budgets

• Targeted – designed to reach the target market – reduces waste and ineffectiveness

• Simple – many of the methods simple and easy to use and implement – ideal for the smaller business

Principles of guerilla marketing:

According to Levinson, some of the principles upon which the concept of guerrilla marketing is...
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