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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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1. Social Skills
* Extracurricular activities help to develop social skills, because most of the time other students are involved. If your child joins a sports team, she will learn the importance of teamwork. If it's a club, she will share a particular interest or activity with others and it can lead to developing new friendships. Unless she is engaged in a solo extracurricular activity such as private music lessons, she will develop social skills strictly from being around other children her age who are engaging in the same activity. Avoid Bad Habits

* Research shows that children involved in extracurricular activities are less likely to get involved in bad habits such as smoking, drugs or drinking. Children of all ages, but especially teens, are exposed to peer pressure. If a child is engaged in an extracurricular activity that he enjoys, and has the support of a group or team, it will promote positive behavior. Often children get involved with the wrong crowd or develop bad habits out of boredom; participating in an extracurricular activity can help to avoid that. * Sponsored Links

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Physical Benefits
* Joining a school sports team reinforces the importance of physical activity. Sports teams have regular practices that require team members to do a variety of exercises for strength, mobility and skills. They also promote a healthy lifestyle and get children in the good habit of exercising on a regular basis. Team membership also promotes teamwork and a healthy level of competition. A Better Future

* Studies have shown that children involved in extracurricular activities achieve better grades than those who are not, and these activities often teach them lifelong skills and build character. Extracurricular activities are also important for those who plan to attend college. Colleges often look at the...
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