Gucci Marketing Segmentation Collage

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Marketing Segmentation Collage

1. Introduction

Gucci is a brand from Italy. It was established in the year of 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Gucci brand sells several kinds of products which are apparel of women’s wear and man’s wear, shoes, accessories such as rings, bags, small leathers goods, fine jewelry, and many others products. Besides, watches is also a best selling products for Gucci brand. Watches of Gucci brand is designed either for women, man, and also teenagers.

2.0 Market Segmentation

2.1 Geographic Segmentation

Gucci watch geographic segmentation would target on the cities area more than rural area. This is due to the high consumption power and high standard living no matter the countries size. For example, in Far East countries, there are no Gucci’s stores at all. In Asia, there are only 9 countries that have Gucci’s stores. (Gucci 2009)

2.2 Demographic Segmentation

The main age frame for the target market target is not specifically mentions but it will be the working people which are around 25 years old and above and they will have a high purchasing power. This is because the Gucci’s watches are branded and the price is expensive. In other words, it is also targeting the high income people and it is purchased by both genders, either male or female.

2.3 Psychographic Segmentation

The social class of people that will be targeted in this brand will be the high class people, with high income and also well educated. Besides, consumer that purchases this brand will most probably spend their time or have a lifestyle of continually purchasing the goods. Other than that, for this segmentation the consumer’s personality will be those people who need this brand for their status. The consumer will be more on showing off of the brand since the brand was too glamour and expensive.

2.4 Behavior Segmentation

Well, as for the Gucci’s brand watches, it does have it own behavior segmentation. For this Gucci’s watch, it can represent the status of someone due to the design and the brand of it. Besides, from the research, we can know that Gucci had a lot of design for apparel and also jewelers. This is also a reason to say that Gucci’s watches is actually can be used on special occasion, functions or either events. Apart from that the brand is also targeting the consumers that are high brand loyalty.

3.0 Target Market Profile

Based on the target market that I had represented in the collage is Gucci's watch. For this brand; the target market of gender can either be both male and female between the age of 25 years old and above as long as those consumers have an income. Besides, this brand of watch is targeting to the high income consumer. This is because the watches are branded and had it owns value. According to research, Gucci’s brand had earned over €1.4 billion from it business either from its own 174 direct stores or the other 33 franchised over the world in year 2002 (Vivian Maning-Schaffel 2003). Not only that, but as for the geographic segmentation which is region will be targeting to the people in cities. Gucci stores are mostly located at the cities because Gucci's brand watches is only can be afforded by those consumer that are high income and loves luxury living style. Therefore, the purchase behavior for the brand will be continually throughout the season for the latest design. As for those consumer that have the purchase behavior of bought the design continually, the loyalty towards the brand and design will be very high or very loyal. This also linked to their own personality who is preferred to use branded things more than non branded goods or products. Besides, because this brand was mainly targeting to the high income consumer, thus, those people will be the group of people that will want to show off of the latest design that they had bought. For the reason of usage for the brand of product, it can...
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