Guayaquil Tourism

Topics: Working class, Economy, Wage Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: October 6, 2009
María Daniela Gonzalez Abramowicz
Guayaquil tourism has improved and increased the economy of all the families living in Guayaquil. The city has always been the country's economic capital due to its ideal location and has worked mainly in the form of business tourism, unlike other destinations in Ecuador. Guayaquil the magic of the South Pacific, has shown a steady growth and has contributed greatly to the economy. According to figures provided by the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Guayas all foreign visitors entering the city is built around six direct jobs. These jobs are mainly those of waiters, cashiers, hotel staff cleaners and related to tourism accommodation. Also the presence of tourists generates indirect employment positions such as multiple service providers. According to this agency, the direct impact of tourism produces high benefits for the working class households. This group benefits receiving wages and compensation of 25 million indirectly. This indicates that for every $ 35 spent by tourists during their visit to the working class Guayas generates $ 5 in wages, plus nearly 14% of tourist spending is intended for households. According to data provided by the Hotel Association of Guayas, since the Local Government began promoting the city in early 2001, tourism in the city increased by about 40% over the past seven years. In conclusion, with the increase in tourism in Guayaquil, many families have benefited thanks to the foreigners who contribute to the progress of the city with major tourist sites are the mainstay of tourism because they are visited daily and are of great attraction for tourists, which makes it generate more jobs and improve the economy of the families of Guayaquil.
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