Guatemala Constitution Notes

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The preamble of the country of Guatemala states that our constitution is made to help protect the people and their security. It may say that protects someone but unlike most it protects that person and their family. With virtually the same protections for people as America’s preamble states with living in Guatemala you can feel the same security as the people of America. As a person in Guatemala you want to grow and develop. Life is an amazing thing to have protected along with liberty, justice, security, and peace because it helps fulfill the preamble’s statement of your growth because with all of these things protected you can grow and maybe have your chance to fulfill the constitution of your people in government in the future. One of the things that our constitution has that most other countries constitutions don’t have is the name of god in the preamble and invoking that he is real by saying your spiritual and ancestral rights are also very real. The preamble also supports my heritage and my culture and the perspectives these things bring me.

Description of Government
The country of Guatemala has a legislative branch as one of the building blocks of the country’s government. The country’s congress has its legislative power in elections of deputies such as governors and mayors. The departments of Guatemala’s republic have a district of all their electorally and they have a deputy for each district which is like a governor or mayor of that district. The annual session of Congress starts January 14 of each year, without notice. The congress will meet in regular session of January 14 to May 15 and from August 1 to November 30 of each year. Will meet in special session when convened by the Standing Committee or by the executive to learn the issues that prompted. Issues are resolved in congress through votes and to win these votes you must have absolute majority so you need around seventy-five percent of the vote for you to win. The...
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