Topics: International trade, El Salvador, Guatemala Pages: 3 (372 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The resources in Guatemala can affect the economy in several ways. One way is trade. It can increase industrial activity. In 1998, Guatemala imported $2.582 billion dollars in goods, while the U.S exported $ 4.561 billion dollars of their goods. This shows that they are developed enough to provide large amounts of natural resources. Also successful trading leads to more factories. If there are more factories, it will create more jobs. More job opportunities will have more Guatemalans working producing more things and less people will be suffering for a job. If Guatemala keeps improving their economy, they will soon be able to rely less on other countries and less poor people. This is how the resources in Guatemala can affect the economy.

The landforms & bodies of water in Guatemala do affect life there. For example, the mountains can affect transportation by blocking the other side of Guatemala, making the travel difficult. The mountains also can affect farming. It has no flat land, is very cold, and has unfertile soil; mostly rocks. They can’t use that land to farm. Some of the mountains are active volcanoes, if the volcano blows, it will spread black sand everywhere, and then their sales will go down because the international airports are closed. The bodies of water also affect life; people that are not near any bodies of water will have problems to clean drinkable water. Without clean water, workers cans get sick, and then they can’t work. If they don’t get medical care, they might die because of the bacteria are in the water they drink. Losing workers leads to no industrial activity, which then leads to no trading process with other countries. But the ones that do have access to water can fish and sell them to earn money. This is how landforms & bodies of water can affect life.

Natural Resources
* Oil
* Nickel
* Timber
* Gold
* Fertile Soil

* Beans
* Coffee
* Cotton
* Sugar Cane
* Bananas
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