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The Guardian
The reason that our gym class watched The Guardian in class was to demonstrate teamwork and dedication. Those two words were shown immensely throughout the movie. The main character, Jake Fisher was one of the most dedicated and driven students at the training camp for the Coast Guard. There wasn’t a time where he didn’t put 100% in everything that he did. His dedication to the sea and others made him and interesting character to watch and analyze. Also, teamwork was displayed many times throughout the movie as well. The students at the camp had to work together in every aspect to achieve their goals. If one student messed up or slipped up, every student had to suffer the consequences. The men and women at the camp knew it wasn’t going to be easy by themselves so they had to rely on others to accomplish their goals. In this class, teamwork should be taught so we can learn how to work together. In fact, teamwork is one of the ten ways to reach success and this movie definitely showed how to.

I have watched this movie more than once but watching it gym class this year gave me a totally different perspective. Instead of sitting on my couch at home and watching it because it was the only movie on, I actually thought about how this movie could apply to my life. I thought about Jake Fisher’s strength and motivation he had, Senior Chief’s love and passion he had and the all-around amazing teamwork that was shown. I myself need to apply love, passion, strength, motivation, etc. to my everyday life because I am an athlete as well. It really affected me when Senior Chief unexpectedly let go of the only thing keeping him alive (Jake). It was so startling and it made me realize that your teammates aren’t just your teammates, but your family. They are the people you would do anything and everything for even if it means giving up your life. Your team isn’t just a bunch of people coming together with a common interest. It’s a family of people who are willing...
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